Studying abroad is the goal for many students. Foreign countries have been always attracting young people, and now, an opportunity to study abroad is often regarded as a life opportunity. And those specialists that have spent a couple of years studying abroad are usually regarded as first-class individuals and valued more than those who have never seen anything but their local universities.
So, you have made your mind and found a scholarship or saved the needed sum to go to study at an Australian university. There are several reasons why Australia has become a favorite destination of many international students, but among the main factors is the fact that seven out of ten most popular universities are located in Australia.
Many of your peers would be envious with you, however, there are some things that you will have to face. Those are the challenges connected with the specifics of life in Australia, and it is better if you know about them and thus, prepare for them.

Think in Advance about the Proper Accommodation

It is always better to book your accommodation in advance. Usually, there are plenty of options offered by universities, as well, you can look for accommodation independently. For example, in Brisbane, you can find very affordable student accommodation Adelaide has with plenty of options for any taste and budget. Those are not only student apartments for two persons and more, but also single studios, king studios, executive studios and so on.
The price depends on the option, and always remember: the more people live there, the cheaper the price is usually. However, if you want to enjoy a full comfort, you should pay, however, all prices are rather fair. And remember: usually, a payment for 6 months – one year in advance can help you to save a good sum of money. This is practiced not only by student accommodation Adelaide, but this is a common practice in the main Australian cities.

That Weird Language!

For most international students, English isn’t a native language. As well, it should be considered, that Australians have their slang! And that makes the life of poor students from abroad even more complicated.
That’s why, student accommodation providers advice to try to find an option where you would live with students from different countries. You will get used to different accents and the language will not pose such difficulties anymore. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to share your student rooms with those who arrived from a different part of the country to study at your university.

Prices Might Surprise You

Many students believe Australia is a nice friendly country, and as long as most visas allow working, many believe that they will become millionaires within just a couple of years. You might be surprised, but the first challenge you are going to face is connected with prices, or rather with very high prices. Everything there costs a lot of money.
After you pay for your student residence, you will be left with not so much money, considering that you will have to pay for some period in advance. Some students are lucky enough to have rich parents that would help them out. However, most of those who came to Australia to get a proper education have to work to make the ends meet.

Studies vs. Job – How to Balance Them?

So, you are lucky enough to have found a job within the shortest time? That is amazing! But there is one more challenge that you will face very soon: how to balance the job with your studies? To earn enough, students have to work almost 40 hours per fortnight, and, sometimes, the job doesn’t leave time to study properly.
A good tip would be to plan everything in advance. Make a plan for every day and follow it. Then, you will not be distracted by things that aren’t needed and will save you precious time for something useful.

Cultural Shock Might Be a Problem for Students from Some Countries

If you are from Europe, or Canada, or the USA, then, most likely, you will feel yourself very conveniently in Australia. However, if you come from Asia or Central America, you will find many new things about the way people live, work and communicate. And that might be shocking for some students, especially for those who haven’t been abroad much.
That’s why, student accommodation Adelaide offers options for many residents. Like this, you will live with students from other countries, who, probably, feel themselves in a similar way. Thus, you can make friends with them easier and both you and them will not feel so lonely yourselves.

Conclusion, or How to Get Used to Life in Australia

Life in Australia is smooth and relaxed, and Australians are usually friendly and open people. That’s why, it should not be too problematic to integrate in the society of Australian students and make friends there. Leave your introvert character at home, be open and outgoing, and Australia might become your favorite country.

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